Priit Haamer - collaborative design tool in 48 hours

Aug 28, 2010
This is a guest post by Siim Teller: And now for something completely different. Priit is too busy to blog himself this time and asked me to post instead. This is a deviation from his usual topics but don't change the channel, it's going to be interesting.

Defolio. Collaborative designing We're taking part of an event called Garage48 where the goal is to build a launch a product prototype in 48 hours. That's 2 days from the idea to something working. Priit proposed something he called "The Github for designers" that tries to solve the problem of backup, version control, sharing and hosting your designs and mock ups with your team or clients. It's called Defolio and it's all about collaborative design.
We'll make the boring but necessary (backup) simple and nearly invisible, make the improtant (collaboration and client presentation) elegant and professional-looking. There are almost too many great ideas in the team (Priit and Tõnu from leading Estonian web agency, 3 ex-Skypers and couple of other kick-ass member), it's hard to figure out what to get done in 48 hours and what to add later.

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